Wednesday, 26 September 2018

El Hierro: Charco de los Sargos and Punta Grande

A trek to Charco de los Sargos along the coast from Las Puntas, a rocky cove with small pool, a tiny haven along this wild coast. It was so hot today so the dip was great but really lethal slippery seaweed underfoot so had to slither into water over the rocks, was fine as the usually razor sharp volcanic rocks had been worn into beautifully smooth sculptural curves by the waves.
We walked back to Las Puntas and had a really welcome G&T at the wonderful restaurant/hotel La Punta Grande. It used to be a fishing boat storage wharehouse with a very dangerous sea access, there is an old crane  which was used to hoist the boats out of the water as there is no safe harbour or beach. The restaurante has a great collection of ships' identification plaques and a slightly sinister ancient diving suit displayed in the corner.

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