Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Christmas pursuits 2019

What a gorgeous Christmas day in the Sierra de Montanchez!
After several days of storms, strong winds and torrential rain we have arrived at a tranquil haven with the benefit of lush green meadows and flowing fuentes, something magical after a year of meagre rainfall almost to the point of desperation towards the end of last summer.
After a sumptuous brunch we started our walk to Manfred's olive grove high up in the sierra overlooking the village of Arroyomolinos, we love this walk because on reaching the olive grove there is the most marvellous sense of peace and isolation, the camino goes no further and the grove hangs over the precipitous gorge with vast vistas beyond.

The hike was certainly enough to work up a good appetite, we were happy to get home to the finca for yet more food and drink, in this case gravlax tapas with dill cucumber, dates wrapped in jamon and some excellent cava, that was enough until dinner.

Oh yes, this is a Christmas food fest even though it's just me and Manfred this year.
Dinner… breasts roasted with clementines, sesame seed, soya sauce and garlic with asparagus, roast potatoes and parsnips….and we still haven't reached the red berry pudding with cream and nuts.
In the meantime we are messing around with the new "smart" t.v. and streaming possibilities, ooohoo! For us this is an amazing technical advance, we will see if it will change our daily rhythms, it's seductive but quite limited in what could be of interest so perhaps back to books and's one of my most wonderful Christmas presents, endlessly stimulating, a great resource for art projects.
Well Christmas day is drawing to a close but looking forward to tomorrow, we will be visting our favourite bar in Salvatierra de Santiago and going for another walk. Love this peaceful time of the year before the start of the renting season with new acquaintances and lots of fun.

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