Friday, 17 July 2020

Every picture tells a story .....Brava!! The photography of Cristina Garcia Rodero

The astounding work of Cristina Garcia Rodero. At the age of 23 in 1972, Garcia Rodero started a project that she hoped would capture the essence of the myriad Spanish traditions, religious practices and rites that were already fading away. What started as a five-year project ended up lasting 15 years and came to be the book EspaƱa Oculta (Hidden Spain) published in 1989. At 39 years old, Garcia Rodero had managed to compile a kind of anthropological encyclopedia of her country.
 I can see Diane Arbus as a strong influence, in fact I think she out -Arbuses Arbus.

Strangely I see Goya very strongly, the same eye for the grotesque and pictorial satire especially against the church. This is one of the black paintings depicting the romero of San Isidro, you can see faces like this in the photographs taken in 1970s Spain.

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